A frequently asked question among customers is whether they should opt for the relatively more expensive and more complex Magento (2) package or better for a WordPress website in combination. Woocommerce can go. In this blog post we outline the considerations.


Ask yourself the question
It is good to ask yourself the following questions.
Do I want a website with a webshop, or is it primarily a webshop?
How many products will I sell?
Will I only sell my products abroad or only in the Netherlands?
What budget do I have available?


Benefits Woocommerce
In addition to an eCommerce solution, you also have access to an excellent CMS, WordPress!
WooCommerce can be run on almost any shared hosting environment, unlike Magento, which has to run on a specially designed environment.
Designing a website that runs on WooCommerce is a lot simpler than designing an average Magento webshop.
Magento has a learning curve, WooCommerce is a lot easier to learn. The costs for building a WooCommerce webshop are generally lower than those of building a Magento webshop.
Benefits of Magento

Magento can be connected to virtually all systems. Data links with Amazon, eBay and various POS systems are no problem at all.
As far as functionalities are concerned, you do not have any restrictions with Magento!

Magento is 100% focused on a single task: eCommerce.
We usually advise customers with a webshop under 1000 products NOT to choose Magento. That is pretty overkill. Of course there are even more differences between Woocommerce and Magento. Would you like to talk about this please feel free to contact us.

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