Step One:

It all starts with you. Simply place the order and our friendly project managers will contact you right away. We’ll take a look at your order and make sure everything is exactly the way you want it.



Step Two:

After your project specs have been checked out and payment has been received, we are ready to get started on your project. This is when your project is assigned to one of our coders.


Step Three:

After our gurus are done slicin’ and dicin’ your designs and writing your code, they go ahead and thoroughly cross-browser test your entire site.


Step Four:

After these wonderful programmers finish, they send it over to our QA obsessive engineers. They check the coders work and your designs to make sure it is exactly what you wanted. Voila!


Step Five:

Your project manager will go ahead and post your project.


Step Six:

You can post your feedback till your 100% happy with the final result.


Step Seven:

Success. Your order is finished. We will sent the source files with Wetransfer to your email. If you have any questions after this, don’t worry. We offer 3 months warranty ;).

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