A faster search function ensures more turnover in your Woocommerce webshop. The standard search function of WordPress also works in Woocommerce but is not ideal. It doesn’t offer any suggestions nor does it have a dropdown that shows the results before going to the search results page. There are several plugins for sale that improve the search function for Woocommerce. Unfortunately, not all of these work equally well. Elastic Search is a widely used search function (eg in Magento) but unfortunately it is not available for WordPress, at least not in an affordable version.

A search function that we used ourselves for a long time was Yith Ajax Live Search. This one is fine in terms of functionality, there was only one major drawback to this paid search plugin. It does not use indexing to store searches. This makes the search function very slow. Every time someone types in a search query, he had to search the database tables again for a match. Consulting the database takes time, especially if the hosting is not optimally configured. It also causes unnecessary server load.

Recently we discovered a better Woocommerce search plugin, namely FiboSearch. This search plugin can use indexing in the paid version. This allows him to quickly display the search results without having to consult the database. Got curious? Try it out on a Woocommerce of one of our customers Horseflex.nl. Super fast right? If you need help implementing this search plugin, don’t hesitate to call.

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