Woocommerce works beautifully and many of our customers use it. There is only one drawback to Woocommerce, and that is the speed when you use the default dynamic shopping cart. Because the shopping basket differs per user, it cannot be cached, of course, then everyone would see the same basket. This ensures that Woocommerce works a lot slower than when you can use the caching (eg using the WP Rocket caching plugin).

A simple and effective way to fix this is to disable the dynamic AJAX dropdown functionality. The customer can then still see how many products he has in the basket by means of . the number. But the basket no longer folds out when he hovers over it with the mouse. That in itself is a pity, but this lack does not outweigh the lack of extra speed. You can easily disable the Ajax dropdown functionality in the Functions.php of your theme. After that, it is still important to exclude the figure of the number of products in the cart from caching. See screenshot how to do this.

Do you still want to stick to your Ajax cart, because you like it or because it fits well with the character of the products you sell (customers often buy several different products in your shop). Then there is also a solution luckily, install this plugin https://sharabindu.com/plugins/woo-header-mini-cart/ and also use the WP Rocket caching plugin. The advantage of this Ajax cart plugin is that it only loads when the page has already been loaded from the caching memory. Result, the customer sees the page appear at lightning speed. And within seconds afterwards the contents of his dynamic Ajax cart.

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