We sometimes get the question from our customers with a Woocommerce webshop whether they can also allow resellers. Of course you can. Pretty simple too with a great plugin we use for this. We use the Wholesale suit plugin for Woocommerce for this. Wholesale Suite allows you to bring your entire wholesale business online so you can streamline and make more profit.
It gives your wholesale customers a great ordering experience in addition to your normal store. Below are the 3 biggest pluses of the Wholesale suit plugin for Woocommerce.

#1 Easily set wholesale prices for existing products

You only need to enter a product in Woocommerce once. For the product you simply set the consumer price and the resellers price. Also by variation.

Smart store owners manage all their wholesale sales within WooCommerce and provide a better experience for their customers.

#2 Provide a great ordering experience

A major bottleneck for wholesale customers is ordering. Your wholesale customers don’t want to spend hours browsing your regular store, they want a quick way to order.

Wholesale Suite’s WooCommerce Wholesale order form will delight your wholesale customers with its efficient AJAX powered, mobile-friendly ordering interface.

Increase the average order volume and reduce frustration for your customers.

#3 Efficiently acquire wholesale customers

Efficiently acquiring wholesale customers for your wholesale program is the key to growth. The wholesale registration form capture plugin with built-in user approvals makes a great shopping experience for your customers.

For admins, you can choose to allow people in automatically or through an approval process. There are even pre-written admission emails so you can be up and running in no time.

Click here to try Wholesale suit for free.

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