is an initiative of father and son Jan and Troy Doedens. In the mid nineties the island of Mainau is visited in the middle of winter. On this botanical island in Lake Constance, various palm trees grow in the snow! This spectacle creates a new hobby, because seeds are sold locally from the palm trees growing there, and the first seeds are bought. A few months later the seeds come up and the hobby germinates. During the years the interest in palms grew and in 2009 it was decided to start a business. A location was found where the palms and exotics can be displayed, and where new seedlings can be cultivated. Meanwhile, more than 3600m2 of greenhouse space is in use for the cultivation of a large assortment of palms and exotic plants. To increase our plant knowledge Troy decided in 2013 to start the Horticulture – Applied plant research program at the HAS university of applied sciences, which was successfully completed in 2017. In addition to growing and selling palm trees and many other exotic plants, we are also engaged in research and breeding of palm trees. For this purpose, trips are regularly scheduled to tropical resorts and we write articles in a scientific context, which is why we hope to contribute to the conservation of palms in their natural environment.