We get a lot of phone calls from customers lately where the Google maps no longer work on the website. They will then see the following message “This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly”. This in combination with a message on the “For development purposes only” card.


Why is this now and how can you solve this? The cause is fairly simple. Since June 22, 2016, Google requires that all websites and apps that connect to Google Maps (for example, to display a map on your own website) include a unique key, a so-called API key. Why? Because google can recognize every website or app that uses one of the services of the Google Maps service by their unique key.

Because Google wants more insight into who all uses Google Maps and the large users also want to pay more than the small user, they have a new policy whereby such an API code is mandatory.


According to Google, the use of the Maps api remains free in most cases, depending on the use. To keep the costs for the user as low as possible, Google offers a free credit of 200 dollars. Only when this credit has been completely used up will costs be charged. As a result of this change, you will need a valid API key and a billing account from 11 June. You can link this account to your credit card, but also to a direct debit. With the new rate plan, Google wants to ensure that you only pay for the services that you use every month. Many organizations leave the management of the website, and therefore also the various applications, to programmers or web agencies. In that case you will have to ask your programmer or web agency to link a payment method to the API key. If you manage the API yourself, you can link a payment method yourself. Once this is done the notification on website will disappear and Google Maps will function properly again.

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