We often get the question from customers with a Woocommerce web store whether the order administration can be automatically sent to the bookkeeper. There are many accounting package that
have automatic links / plugins for Woocommerce such as Eboekhoudt / Exact etc. But often our customers still have an accountant who works with their own system, where an automatic link is not available. And also too expensive to develop. In that case, we let Woocommerce automatically mail the orders in a CSV/Excel file to the accountant every quarter. We can also adjust the layout of the CSV/Excel so that the accountant can import it directly into his/her accounting package. For customers who sell outside the Netherlands, we send a separate CSV/Excel for each country.

In this way, our customers do not have to submit the administration themselves to the accountant every quarter, which is a lot of hassle. Our customers are very happy with this solution. Is it something for you too? Then try this paid plugin for Woocommerce with which we automatically send the order administration. If you need help with the installation or configuration of the plugin, feel free to ring the bell.

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