Entering products in Woocommerce can be a time-consuming activity. And it is not necessary, for example, if you have an Excel or CSV file from your supplier containing all products. Suppliers often also work with so-called XML feeds. Often these can be called via a URL. The handy thing about this is that you can set up a cronjob (trigger) that, for example, puts the complete assortment of your supplier in Woocommerce every night. So you automate the whole and you always have a Woocommerce webshop that is up2date. This is often a must, especially for stock data. After all, if you sell a product that you do not have yourself in your warehouse, you want to know whether it is still available from your supplier.

Here you can find more information about WP All Import for Woocommerce. Do you need help with the import please feel free to contact us.

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